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Our Consulting Services

Private Personal Training Programs

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1:1 coaching with personalized workouts to push you towards your goals. Our trainer, Sydney, will come to the comfort of your home, apartment complex, or meet you in  a public space for a workout.

Monthly Programming

Consultation, Goal Setting, Mindset, Fitness

Do you have experience working out but don't want to worry about what to do at the gym? Do you need support and accountability to help you meet your goals? Sign up for our monthly programming. We create the workouts for you and will meet with you in person or virtually to keep you on track toward your goals.

Partnerships / Referralls 
and Wellness


Avenza Fitness and Wellness Consulting wants to support you as a whole person. 


If our company can't provide you with the resources you need, we will refer you to someone more specialized and collaborate as a team to give you the best care possible. 

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